Believe it, Live it

Vox Studio

At Vox studio you can get every sermon that was recorded during our services. Vox Studio has its own store online where you can order the sermons you want to hear.

Follow this link to the Online Store


Le Chattery Coffee and Bookshop

Come and enjoy a cup of some of the finest coffee in Gauteng and breakfast or a light meal.  Whatever you choose you’ll find yourself in a calm and retro environment. The adjoining bookstore is where you get something to feed your soul. We have a big music collection, special gifts, Bibles and much more. This is the ideal place where you can hang out with friends and colleagues.

Mon. – Thurs.:  8.00 – 16.00,
Fri.:  8:00 – 15.00
Sat.:    Closed
Sun.:  8.00 – 12.00 and 15.00 – 20.00